S7-XTRA mould removal in Heritage Rail Carriages

Our product finds a wide range of use in the community so it's not farfetched if it's used to renovate and restore historical pieces.

In this article, I want to show you one of the many ways our products are uniquely potent.

Mould can be incredibly hard to deal with. The degradation of cultural heritage is greatly accelerated by fungi and the enzymes they produce.
Therefore, historical pieces stored inside or outside are in great danger of being attacked by fungi and damaged or even destroyed by it.
Often the mould increase is so quick and strong that traditionally non-hazardous methods just simply can't do the job anymore.


That's why Heights Heritage Conservation reached out to S7-XTRA to finally find a cheap and easy-to-use solution for their GROWING problem. (Get it? Cause mould grows right ?!)

Well, did you know that there are more than 50.000 different species of fungi known to man and several hundred of them have been found to cause significant damage to art all around the world?

While there are ways to store artifacts safely it's tough for a lot of pieces since the only real way to prevent mould from accruing is to store whatever item in a room or container that is free from any water, therefore a room or container would have to be air-dried by around 30°C-40°C witch itself can cause harm to a lot of items or damage them significantly. 
So, yes there are prevention solutions for some but not for most!

There are more solutions to this problem but just like the first one, they are a lot harder to implement, cost a lot or are simply non-applicable for most pieces.

So, but to get back to the topic what do you then do If your piece, house or whatever it is ended up getting infected with mould and the only way now is to try to find the best way to remove it? 

Well, the answer is S7-XTRA before I show you the conclusive result of the restoration process here are some before and after images to show the strength of our product:

before train 2

After train 1

So, yes you can see for yourself what our product is capable of without damaging S7-XTRA was capable of doing the heavy lifting and could remove all the mould
on top of all that our product comes with reactive barrier technologies to prevent reinfection in between cleanings.

So what are you still waiting for? Got mould problems? Contact Us NOW!

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