The success of STERI-7
over a wide range of environments and uses is inspired the STERI-7 philosophy unique to
this business:


the chain of infection.


Use S-7XTRA to TREAT surfaces and hands at the source of pathogens.


S-7XTRA helps to PREVENT the further spread of infection with added Reactive Barrier Technology.


S-7XTRA wipes and solutions are a multi-purpose biocidal cleaner that also works as a disinfectant.
It cleans practically any surface or material, eradicating bacteria, spores, fungi, yeasts, TB and viruses.

What makes S-7XTRA your ideal cleaning solution is that it keeps treated areas contamination free for longer periods. This is because it goes on working once dried. The result is increased Biosecurity, minimising the risk of germs re-establishing themselves.

S-7XTRA Hand Rubs are a non-alcohol alternative which meets hand hygiene standards, work in dirty conditions while moiturising and maintaining skin integrity and can last for up to 3 hours after application.

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