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At it’s most fundamental, biosecurity is everyday common-sense; basic hygiene, washing your hands as often as possible, all the things we do, or should do, as a matter of course. But wherever we go, we’ll come in contact with micro organisms and pathogens. Some are simply unpleasant; many are deadly. Biosecurity needed a champion.

That’s why we developed a revolutionary system called Reactive Barrier Technology. Reactive Barrier Technology is a specialised micro emulsion which provides an optional sustained release system and offers powerful and sustained protection between cleans.

Like all our biosecurity protocols, processes and management systems, Reactive Barrier Technology is designed to offer the best possible protection against the harmful micro organisms that surround us everyday.

It’s an important part of one of our simplest and most effective protocols: BREAK–TREAT–PREVENT.

As the World Health Organisation says, just washing your hands regularly can help BREAK the chain of infection we’re exposed to in our daily lives. But we go further.

We have developed a range of biocidal disinfectant cleaners that TREAT and destroy the pathogens at source. And Reactive Barrier Technology helps PREVENT any further re-infection.

Break-Treat-Prevent is just one of the many Biosecurity solutions we have in the locker. Our R&D team is constantly developing new ideas and innovative products.

At STERI-7, our passion is not just BioSecurity, it’s LifeSecurity.

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